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[OOC] Shinki Info

CHARACTER: The Medicine Seller
CANON: Mononoke
VESSEL NAME: Shouki (็งค)
VESSEL FORM: A round mirror with a stylized golden sun on the back, like the one he wears as a medallion. Capable of reflecting magical or spiritual attacks to block them. When used to Rend an ayakashi, light reflected off of the mirror can serve as the "edge" of the weapon, but this technique can't harm anyone who isn't an ayakashi.
POWER: Imbues his god with a form of Combat Precognition -- the ability to instinctively sense what will happen up to about 3 seconds into their own future during high-adrenaline situations, allowing them a head start on countering or avoiding any attacks made against them (or accidents in their immediate vicinity) and making it easier to predict where their target might be in a fight.
GOD: None (formerly Donut)
CAUSE OF DEATH: A mission went bad, and he got himself eaten by a particularly big, angry mononoke with particularly stubborn humans hiding the Truth around it. Let's go with a nure-onna, that seems up his alley.