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IC Inbox [The Far Shore]


It seems that I'm...


[A beat, long enough to make one wonder if the phone line has cut off.]

...Leave a message, if you would be so kind.
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[ The following is slipped under Hikari's door.

Upon approach, he may notice a light woodsy smell coming from the invitation. Once opened there's a time - 7pm - and place - his God's Main Hall. ]
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[ When the flower god entered the Main Hall, he settled himself beneath the chandelier amid a small table decorated with a single vase elegantly displaying the flowers of his namesake. He spoke to the small blooms, happily responding to what must have seemed as utter silence to anyone watching him but Donut carried on with the conversation until the scheduled time arrived and a noise caught his attention. He turns then, tensing in surprise when he finds his Shinki kneeling on the ground. ]


When did you get here?!
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[ It's not the first time his shinki has done this so Donut doesn't question him further and slowly relaxes again, his fingers ghosting over the blooms one last time before coming up to his shinki and kneeling in front of him. ]

You must really like being on your knees.

[ He smiles, a warm look falling across his eyes. ]

Did you get my invitation?
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[ The shock resonates through the bond and his smile falters, brows creasing because Hakari never felt like, well... anything. The bond was usually quiet, so whenever he did feel something it was always a little confusing, like now. ]

Hakari? Are you okay?
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[ The god had no idea what was running through his shinki's mind until he spoke in his usual mannerism. The tone had his smile perking back up, the neutral pitch soothing his initial worry. This was Hakari. ]

Well, that's true. I am a god.

[ He laughs as he sits back, crossing his legs like a child. ]

But so are a lot of people here. Don't tell me you're going to be kneeling for all of them too? It's cool if you like it, to each their own, but if I was you, I'd need some knee pads.
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Sooooo.... About the invitation.

[ He sit up straighter, placing a hand on the end of each foot using them for support as he rocks back and forth like a child. ]

I've got a very important question for you Hakari, and you have to answer honestly. Don't try to spare me just because I'm your god.
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/right back at you

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Okay. No more slacking off Hakari.

[ He sounds serious. ]
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That's right. I have need of you.

You and I are supposed to be teammates but we haven't been acting like it ever since our first fight.

This is a relationships. It takes two to tango, so if we want this partnership to work then we have to put some effort into it. We can't slack off, so that means you can't go off on your own fighting ayakashi or whatever other manly thing you need to prove yourself useful, and I can't keep staying home cooking your meals and looking pretty for you.

We've got a job to do and that means putting our differences aside and doing it.
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Ughh. You're not getting it, Hakari.

[ He sounds a little frustrated. ]

What part of partnership makes you think I can just call you all willy-nilly whenever I want? That's not a partnership that's a rank.

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[ Donut pops up looking like he's had a bit of a run. ]

I have a quick question about your coming out party.

Someone asked if they could go out on a date with you. Is that okay with you?

Let me know when you get this!

[ With a quick wave of the blond, the recording ends. ]
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Yeah! He seemed really interested in it, so the least I could do was ask.

You want a picture of him? I can send one over.

[ And before he even waits for reply he's sending him a picture of Lavi. ]

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Of course!

[ He claps his hands together day-dreamingly. ]

I can already see it now. He'll have a boquet of flowers for you, of course, and you guys can spend the day in the gardens getting to know each other. It'll be so cute! I'll make a picnic basket for you!

It'll be awesome! You'll see!
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(This small missive is left under his door.)

Would you be interested in fulfilling another prayer? What of going on a hunt? There is quarry aplenty and we are low on meat.

I shall await your answer,
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(She discovers the note and smiles to herself, seeking him out in person immediately after.)

Lord Shouki? (Addressing him as "Shouki" doesn't seem right and so she uses the title respectfully.) There are two prayers that have gained my notice. One is a prayer for the protection of domestic beasts and then there is an opportunity for hunting the beast that is slaying the poor animals.

It could be an ayakashi.
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I thought as much. (Investigation and potential annihilation. Sansa feels sorrow for the shinki that have become said beasts, but they mustn't be allowed to rampage.)

How much time do you need to prepare?